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About Our Comapny

Leading Provider of Petroleum Speciality Products

EXCELUBE is a leading provider of Petroleum Speciality Products. Our headquarter is situated in Australia. Established in 2003, our business starts with the provisioning of high-quality lubrication solutions to manufacturing companies in various industries ranging from cement production factories, tyre factories to power plants.

We have since expanded to provide innovative and environmental-friendly petroleum products to regional markets and niche customers. Our range of products for Australia market are Paraffin Wax Emulsion, Residual Aromatic Extract (RAE), Treated Distillate Aromatic Extract (TDAE), Aromatic Rubber Process Oil (RPO) and various grades of Base Oils (Group I Base Oils, Group II Base Oils, Group III Base Oils).

We provide complimentary product testing services with internationally recognized certification standards by our associate testing providers. Through our unique technical skills, market knowledge, and price advantage, EXCELUBE can provide OEM services to produce quality petroleum products with competitiveness ensured.

Over the years, EXCELUBE has developed a strong reputation and performance with our customers operating in various countries. We provide a full service and assistance in sourcing products at competitive prices and with guaranteed satisfaction.

EXCELUBE is ISO9001:2015 Certified and customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Our corporate vision is to be a trusted and reliable partner for our valued customers. We ensure our customers receive their products on time at competitive pricing even during times of market uncertainty and supply scarcity.


With excellent product quality, competitive price and top service, customer satisfaction is guaranteed!


EXCELUBE is a registered company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.


We are committed to protect the environment by providing environment-friendly petroleum products and solution to our valued customers.