Rubber Process Oils

EXCELUBE supplies environmental-friendly process oils to tyre and rubber products manufacturing companies. The process oils are made from crude petroleum and used widely in rubber compounds for manufacturing of rubber components in cars, appliances such as tyres, footwear, foams, belts, seals, hoses, wires, rubber mat, waterproof materials, etc.

The rubber process oils are high boiling petroleum fractions obtained in refining after gasoline, fuel oil, and other low boiling compounds are removed by distillation. The process oils have high viscosity, low volatility and high solvency for the rubber compounds. Process oils in rubber compounds serve three main purposes:
  1. To aid processing of the rubber during milling, mixing, extrusion and injection moulding by providing lubrication of the rubber molecules;
  2. To improve the physical properties of natural and synthetic rubbers such as flex life and low temperature performance; and also aid the dispersion of fillers resulting in improvement in physical and mechanical properties such as tensile strength and abrasion resistance;
  3. To extend the rubber giving a larger volume of elastomer, thus reducing the cost of rubber compounds and of the finished rubber goods.

Due to health and environmental concerns, green rubber process oils – Green RPO (non-carcinogenic oils) are gaining importance for use in tyre compounds. We supply two types of Green RPO, namely Residual Aromatic Extract (RAE) and Treated Distillate Aromatic Extract (TDAE). For certain products which are not in close contact during application and do not require Green RPO specification, the normal Aromatic Rubber Process Oil proved to be a cost-effective option.

Read more in our product section for the following product specifications:
  1. Residual Aromatic Extract (RAE)
  2. Treated Distillate Aromatic Extract (TDAE)
  3. Aromatic Rubber Process Oil (ARPO)

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