Base Oils

EXCELUBE supplies quality base oils to Lubricant and petroleum products manufacturing companies. Base oil is a core component for automotive and industrial lubricants. Automobile, engines and machineries are the world’s biggest consumers of lubricants. With industry sectors pushing endlessly to meet stiffening efficiency and pollution standards, they drive the way base oils are produced.

For Australia market, we supply Group I Base Oils, Group II Base Oils and Group III Base Oils from regional refineries with reasonable price-advantage even during market uncertainty and supply scarcity.

General properties of base oils as per table below*:

* As per American Petroleum Institute (API 1509) categories

Read more in our product section for our range of base oil product specifications:
  1. Group I Base Oils (BS150, SN500)
  2. Group II Base Oils (70N, 150N, 500N, 600N)
  3. Group III Base Oils (3 cSt, 4 cSt, 6 cSt)

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